2024-07 Pendo Upgrade
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2024-07 Pendo Upgrade

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We are excited to enhance your Pendo connector experience with upcoming changes on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024. These improvements will specifically impact Pendo custom reports in the following areas:

  1. Custom Fields:
    We now allow column mapping that includes all Pendo custom fields. This change provides greater flexibility and adaptability.

  2. Metadata Fields:
    Previously, metadata fields were flattened. Going forward, the column structure will remain unflattened, and metadata fields will be represented as records with nested fields.

    image 55.png

  3. Field Naming Conventions:
    Alphanumeric characters in field names will now be converted to underscores.  
    For columns starting with numbers, an underscore will be added to the field name (e.g., _4345).

  4. Conflicting Data-Types:
    We’ve improved error handling for conflicting types during mapping. Instead of discarding data, conflicting columns will now be cast to strings, preserving the structure.

  5. Predefined Reports:
    All specified changes to custom fields have also been applied to the predefined reports. The predefined reports now use the JSON datatype at the second level for nested fields, and "metadata_ids" have been included in dedicated reports.


What Actions Should You Take?

  • Please update Rivery’s mapping for Pendo Rivers using custom reports. Navigate to your River schema tab, select “Clear All”, and then apply “Auto Mapping”.
  • Please note: we are working on further improvements in the Pendo Predefined reports, stay tuned for more updates.

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