API Upgrade Overview
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API Upgrade Overview

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This document provides an overview of the API upgrade process and the necessary steps to adapt to changes introduced in the API. The upgrade may include the addition of new fields, renamings of existing fields, and deprecations of certain columns.

Types of API Upgrade Changes

New Fields

New fields are introduced in the API to enhance functionality or provide additional information. Users need to update their Rivers to incorporate these new fields for a seamless experience.


Renamings involve changing the names of existing fields in the API.
Users can choose to modify their configurations to incorporate the updated field names. If they choose not to update their configurations, we proceed to load the old names.


Deprecations refer to the removal of certain columns or filters from the API. Deprecated elements will still be retrievable with null values, but users have the option to remove them from their Target tables.

Updating Rivery's Mapping

To adapt to the API changes, users need to update Rivery's mapping for relevant reports. This involves modifying configurations to accommodate new fields, updated field names, and handling deprecated columns.

Using New Columns

When new columns or filters are introduced, update Rivery’s mapping by navigating to the River schema tab. Use the "Clear All" option and then select "Auto Mapping" to automatically map the required fields to the relevant reports.

Using Updated Columns

For changes in column names, update Rivery’s mapping similarly. Use the "Clear All" option and then select "Auto Mapping" under the River schema tab.
This ensures that the new columns with updated names are added to the Target table, and old columns are retrieved with null values.

Handling Deprecated Columns

Retrieving Deprecated Columns

If no action is taken, deprecated columns will be retrieved with null values. Users who wish to keep these columns in their Target table can leave them in the schema mapping under the Schema tab of their Rivers.

Removing Deprecated Columns

To remove deprecated columns from the Target table, users should explicitly remove them from the schema mapping under the Schema tab of their Rivers.

Additional Note

This document details a standardized procedure for upgrading APIs. Users are recommended to consult the specific documentation related to their individual APIs, found beneath this document, for comprehensive and tailored upgrade guidelines.

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