August 2022 Release Notes
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August 2022 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


QuickBooks is a full-featured business and financial management suite that includes tools for accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, invoicing, bank account tracking and reconciliation, expense management, budgeting, payment processing, and accounts receivable and payable management.


  • New and Improved Environments - The interface has been updated to make managing Environments quicker and easier than ever.

  • Amazon Athena is currently available in beta. It is only accessible in Overwrite and Upsert-Merge loading modes in Logic Rivers.

  • Email as a Target - The maximum number of rows extracted from each source file has been increased to 200,000.

Sources Updates:

  • In the Incremental Extraction Mode, there is a new mechanism for updating the Start Date only if the river run is successful.
    If you do not want this to be the default setting, go to More Options and check the box to advance the start date even if the River run fails (Not recommended).
    This is carried out for the following Sources:

    • Instagram Social
    • Oracle
    • Display & Video 360
    • Taboola
    • Mixpanel
    • Docebo
    • AppsFlyer
    • YouTube
    • NetSuite
    • Netsuite Reporting
    • Klaviyo
    • App Store Connect - Apps Analytics
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    • SendGrid
    • LinkedIn Social
    • QuickBooks
  • PostgreSQL Timestamp Format - We now support two different timestamp formats: one with timezone and one without.

  • Stripe now includes a new report called 'Invoice Line items'.

  • Taboola offers a brand-new report titled 'Video Campaign Summary'.

  • BlueSnap includes 3 new reports: 'Chargebacks', 'Card Attempts', and 'Running Balance'.

  • Yotpo now has Predefined Reports available.

  • Google Ad Manager API upgraded to version 202205 - in the "Create new report" mode, we now support filters such as:

    • Custom Fields
    • Columns
    • Ad Unit View
    • Report Currency
    • Other custom filters can be added as well.

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