Adroll Connection
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Adroll Connection

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This guide will walk you through the steps for setting up the Adroll connector in Rivery.

Creating an Adroll Connection


  • A Username (Email) to your Adroll account.
  • A Password to your Adroll account.

To set the connection all you need is the username and password which you log in to your Adroll account; When logged into your account, go to your Account Settings.

  1.  In your  Rivery Account, go to  Connections
  2.  Press on  +Create New Connection
  3.  Choose Adroll
  4.  Fill a suitable name under Connection Name and insert the connection details
    • Username for your Adroll account
    •  Password for your Adroll account
  5. Click on the "Connect to Adroll" button.
    1. A pop up of Adroll connection will appear.
    2. Connect to the Adroll account that you would like to use in Rivery.
    3. Click on 'Save' in order to keep that account in your Rivery account.
      • If nothing happens after clicking the “Connect to Adroll” button, it is likely because your browser has blocked the pop up :
        • On the right side of the URL in your browser, you will find a button named "Pop-up blocked":
        • pop_up_blocked
        • Click on the button and select "always allow popups from Rivery".
        • Click again on the "Connect to Adroll" button and a pop up to connect to Adroll will show up on your screen.

 5. Click Save and create the connection

 6. Run the Test Connection method. If the connection passed, you are ready to work with this connection in Rivery.

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