Amplitude Connection
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Amplitude Connection

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In order to connect Amplitude via Rivery, you must receive an API Key and Secret Key from the Amplitude console.

Find API Key and Secret Key In Amplitude Console

  1. As an Amplitude organization admin or manager , Log into the Amplitude Console of the wanted organization.

  2. Select Account Settings through the top right drop-down menu.

  3. If you don't have any projects yet, create one:

    • Click on Create Project green button.
    • Name the project and click on **Create!

    Amplitude Connection-Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.00.59 AM(2)

  4. If you already have a project in Amplitude, click on Manage.

  5. In the General Settings section, you may find the API Key. Save it for the next step.

  6. Click on Show under the Secret Key in order to watch the project's secret key. Save it for the next step.

    Amplitude Connection-Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 5.32.38 PM(2)

Create Amplitude Connection in Rivery

In order to run a river from Amplitude data to any target in Rivery, you must create an Amplitude connection in Rivery.

  1. Connect to Rivery Console

  2. Click on Connections in the left main menu, and then click on 
    +New Connection under the connections panel.

  3. In the data sources, choose Amplitude .

    Amplitude Connection-mceclip0(2)

  4. Paste the API Key and Secret Key found above.

    Amplitude Connection-mceclip1(2)

  5. Name your connection and add a description, if needed.

  6. Test the connection, in order to check the validity of the API Key and Secret Key.

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