Avantlink Connection
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Avantlink Connection

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Article Summary

This connector is currently in Beta Stage.

Follow these next steps to create a new connection :

  1. Click on create a new connection.

  2. Enter the connection name

  3. If you are a Merchant you will need to enter you Merchant Id. Non-Merchants will need to add your Affiliate Id. Where can I find my ID?

  4. Enter your Auth Key .
    Where can I find Avantlink Auth Key (auth_key) ?

  1. Login to Avantlink
  2. Go to reports tab
  3. Click on "Show Report Subscription Options"
  4. Avantlink Connection-avantlink_help1

  5. Click on RSS button
  6. avantlink_rss.png

  7. A new tab will open - copy the auth key from the URL.
  8. avantlink_auth_token.png

  1. Click on save in order to save that connection in Rivery.

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