Datastore Connection
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Datastore Connection

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Creating Datastore Connection


  • Google Cloud project
  • Datastore database or Firestore in Datastore mode database
  • Active App Engine application.
  • Service account name and a p12 file

Creating a service account and a p12 file and getting the project ID

  1. Login to your google cloud console

Under project info, you can find your project id. Save it as you will need to use it later in the process (make sure this is the correct project where your Datastore DB is located). 


In the search bar enter IAM & ADMIN and click on it from the drop-down menu.


  1. On the left side pane, click on Service Accounts


  1. In the upper panel click on create service account

  2. In the new screen, enter the service account name. You could use "Rivery Datastore". For the description, you could use "Used for extracting data from Datastore via Rivery" then click on create.setvice_account_detials.PNG
  3. In the search bar, search for cloud datastore and select the Cloud Datastore User, which allows for read and write access to the Datastore. Then click on continue.

  4. Click on the Create key button
  5. In the screen opened to your left, choose p12, and click the create button.

A p12 key will be downloaded to your computer, make sure to save it as you would use it in the next steps.


  1. Click on Done
  2. The new service account will appear in your service account screen. You can recognize it by the name and description you have previously given it.
    Copy the Email of that service account, that is the service account email you will need to enter in the next steps.


Define the connection in Rivery

To set the connection all you need is the Service account email and the p12 file you created in the previous steps and project id.

  1. In your Rivery Account, go to Connections
  2. Press on +Create New Connection
  3. Choose Datastore
  4. Fill a suitable name under Connection Name and insert the connection details for the project id and service account email which you extracted earlier. 
  5. Choose file - upload the P12 file that was generated when you created the Service Account
  6. Click Save and create the connection
  7. Run the Test Connection method, if the connection passed you are ready to work with this connection in Rivery.


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