Facebook Ads Connection
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Facebook Ads Connection

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Create Facebook Ads Connection

There are two ways to connect to Facebook with Rivery:

  1. Signing in with your Facebook email and password and granting the Rivery Facebook app access to your data.
  2. Using your own Facebook app.

A new connection can be created on the river screen using the button “create a new connection” or in the connections screen.

Connection details will pop up regardless of how you create the river.


Signing In With Your Facebook Email and Password

  1. Insert the name of the connection in the "connection name" input
  2. Click on "Sign in with Facebook" button.
    1. Facebook connection pop up should open.
    2. Connect to the Facebook account that you’d like to use in Rivery.
    3. Click on "Save" in order to keep that account in your Rivery account.
  • If nothing happens after clicking the "Sign in with Facebook" button, your browser may have blocked the pop up:
  • On the right side of the URL in your browser, there is supposed to be a button of "popup blocked":


  • Click on the button and select "always allow popups from Rivery".
  • Click again on the “Sign in with Facebook” button and a pop up to connect to Facebook will show up on your screen.
  1. Click on "Test connection". If the test passes passed, you're good to go with the Facebook connection.

Using Your Own Facebook App

permissions - ads_management, ads_read
features - Ads Management Basic Access
Provided your app has the proper permissions needed and features:

  1. Insert the name of the connection in the "connection name" input.

  2. Under Advanced enter your apps Client Id ,Client Secret and Access Token.


  1. Click on "Test connection". If the test passed, the connection is valid for use in Rivery.

Enforce Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Go to your Facebook user and set your Security and Login settings to be Two-Factor Authentication.
    1. Click on Security & Login section
    2. security and login

    3. Click on Edit - Use two-factor authentication
    4. two_factor_authentication

    5. Click on Use Text Message
    6. test image

  1. Create a Facebook connection in Rivery.

Your Facebook login will require to enter the user/pass and the code that you will receive to your phone.

Once you set the user and connection with Two-Factor Authentication you will not be required to create a connection again.

Add a Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Account

Optionally, you can add Facebook Pages to your Instagram Business Account to allow use of your professional account for the ads you create on Facebook.

See here for more information about the additional business tools available to you when connecting these accounts.


  • Convert your account to an Instagram professional account.
  • Be an admin of the Facebook Page you'd like to connect to.


  1. Go to your profile.

  2. Select Edit Profile.

  3. Under Public Business Information, Select Page.

  4. Choose a Page from your Pages that you'd like to connect or select Create a New Facebook Page.

    Manage Pages issue

In case you see this error: Facebook Error: (#100) Pages Public Content Access or no data is returned from one of the following reports: promoted pages, ads leads or adcreative. The problem may be related to a missing scope in Rivery's connection to Facebook or missing a role to the page you are trying to fetch data from.

Please go inside your Facebook connection with incognito mode from your internet browser,
If you cannot enter the settings in your connection as shown below, please clear all your cookies relevant to Facebook.

Make sure you set especially the manage_pages for all pages found in the list found in the pages.
Select all pages in the list:


Turn on the permissions you see that are relevant to your meta data extraction. If you can, switch all permissions to yes. Rivery doesn't ask for permissions that can change your pages or posts (e.g., manage pages allow reading access while** publish pages** allow Rivery read/write access). Therefore, switch Manage your Pages to yes which is used to read page posts, and page fields.
If you didn't select any pages the manage pages permission will be blocked:

Assign a Role in a page

The account you connect to Facebook in Rivery must have a proper Role in the corresponding Page you want to read from.


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