Google Play Store Connection
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Google Play Store Connection

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Article Summary

This is a step-by-step tutorial for creating a Google Play Store connection.


To connect to the Google Play Store, you must first create a Service Account and grant API access to it.

Service Account

To create one, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go toon your Google Cloud Platform and click on the Navigation menu -> IAM & Admin
  2. Select Service Accounts from the drop-down menu and Create Service Account.
  3.  Fill in the name of the Service account and then click Create and Continue. Note: The Service account ID (Email address) is filled in automatically. 

              Copy it to your clipboard because you'll need it later.

  4.  Select the Storage Object Viewer role and then click Continue.
  5.  Skip the step of granting users access to this service account and go straight to the Done button.
  6.  Next to the Service Account you just created, select the 3 dots -> Manage Keys.
  7. Go to Add Key > Create New Key.
  8. Select the P12 Type and then click Create.
  9.  Download the P12 file.

API Access

This section will walk you through how to provide the Service account permissions:

  1. Go to your Google Play Console -> Setup -> API access to get started.
  2. Ensure that the newly created service account is added to the Service Accounts list.
  3. Look in the Service Accounts list for the newly established service account and click Grant Permission.
  4. Keep the Account permissions the same and click Invite user.
  5. Select Send invite when the invite window opens.
  6. Return to your Google Cloud Platform -> Browser and Locate your bucket ID, copy it to your clipboard, as you will need it later.

Connection Procedure

  1. Enter your Connection's Name.
  2. Fill in the Service Account Email field.
  3. Type in your Bucket ID.
  4.  Upload the P12 File.
  5. Use the Test Connection function to see if your connection is up to the task.If the connection succeeded, you can now use this connection in Rivery.

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