LinkedIn Ads Connection
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LinkedIn Ads Connection

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Create a LinkedIn Connection

Connecting Using LinkedIn User:

Just press on Connect With LinkedIn button. In the pop-up, fill your username and password, and then approve Rivery to get reporting and ads data from LinkedIn.

Connecting Using Custom Application.

In some cases, the client wants to use their own application for LinkedIn.

Therefore, In this process, you would connect to your LinkedIn application with your LinkedIn credentials. If the authentication succeeds, an access token will be generated and Rivery will use this token to connect to your LinkedIn account.

The requirements to create a LinkedIn connection are :
1. A valid and working LinkedIn application.
2. Have the scopes "r_ads_reporting" and "r_ads" in that application.
3. Have a personal account in LinkedIn.

Follow these next steps to create a new connection :

  1. Click on create a new connection.
  2. Enter the connection name
  3. Enter the client id and client secret of the related LinkedIn application. These details can be found in the main screen of the LinkedIn application in this link:

LinkedIn Ads Walktrough-image8

  1. Important : You need to add the the Rivery URL to the list “Authorized Redirect URLs” in your LinkedIn application:

    1. Insert the url“ ” into the textbox and click on add.

    2. Once that url is being added to the list, click on the “update” button to save the changes.

    LinkedIn Ads Walktrough-image5

  2. Getting back to Rivery, make sure that the client id, client secret, and the scope were inserted properly and click on the “connect with LinkedIn” button.

    LinkedIn Ads Walktrough-image14

  3. If the LinkedIn application was configured properly according to the setting above, a popup will appear with a login page to LinkedIn:

    LinkedIn Ads Walktrough-image12

7 . Enter your LinkedIn details and click on allow access.
8. If your LinkedIn user has an access to this LinkedIn application, the authentication will be successful and a confirmation will appear in the connection in Rivery:

LinkedIn Ads Walktrough-image10

  1. Click on save in order to save that connection in Rivery.

Connection Troubleshoting

LinkedIn access tokens are issued with a 60-day lifespan by default. The common connection error message, in this case, will look like this -

Testing connection to LinkedIn Failed: ''Rest request got Error response code : 401. Response is: b\'{"serviceErrorCode":65601,"message":"The token used in the request has been revoked by the user","status":401}\'. Exit the process.\

In order to create a new access token please follow the following two steps:

  1. Remove the connection from your current connection -

  2. Re-connect to your associated Linkedin account -

This action will create a refreshed token that will allow you to use it for additional 60 days.

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