SFTP Connection
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SFTP Connection

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Article Summary

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create an SFTP connection. It explains two authentication methods: Basic and Key File. To set up the connection, you need to fill in the Connection's Name, Host, Port Number, Username and Credentials Type. For Basic authentication you will need to enter your Password while for Key File authentication you will need to add a Key File and enter its Password. Finally, use the Test Connection function to check if your connection is successful before using it in Rivery.

This is a step-by-step tutorial for creating an SFTP connection.


To connect to SFTP, you must whitelist our IPs.

Connection Procedure

SFTP provides access via 2 authentication methods:

  • Basic
  • Key File.

  1. Fill in the Connection's Name.
  2. Enter Host.
  3. Input the Port Number.
  4. Enter your Username.
  5. Choose Credentials Type.
    • Basic:
      Enter your Password.
    • Key File:
      1. Add Key File(.pem).
      2. Enter Key File Password.

A Key File, referred to as a private key or SSH key, is a cryptographic document that holds a distinctive set of Public and Private keys. It authenticates the client and establishes a more secure connection with the server.

  1. Use the Test Connection function to see if your connection is up to the task. If the connection succeeded, you can now use this connection in Rivery.


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