ShareASale Connection
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ShareASale Connection

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Article Summary

| This connector is currently in Beta Stage.

This article will guide you about configuring a ShareASale connection in Rivery.

ShareASale requires the following credentials in order to connect:

  • API Token
  • API Secret
  • Merchant ID

API Token & API Secret

Navigate to ShareASale's Merchant API Documentation

Your API Token & Secret are at the top of the page.

Merchant ID

You can find your Merchant ID at the top left of ShareASale's UI screen.

Creating new ShareASale connection in Rivery

  1. Navigate and log into Rivery Console.

  2. Click on Connections, in the main menu at the left.

  3. Click on + New Connection.

  4. Find and click on ShareASale, under Marketing  section.

  5. Name and Describe your connection.

  6. Enter your Merchant ID.

  7. Enter your personal API Token & Secret.

You're all set! Click on Test Connection  to test the credentials you've entered.

You are now ready to start pulling data from ShareASale with Rivery!

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