Tiktok Connection
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Tiktok Connection

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Creating a Tiktok connection

In rivery we use our own developer app to connect you to your TikTok data. After you log in to your account we will ask for various READ permissions to read campaign, ad group and ad-related data.


  • Login credentials to a Tiktok account.

Signing in with your Tiktok email and password

  1. Type in the name of your connection in the "connection name" field.
  2. Click on the "Connect to Tiktok" button.
    1. A Tiktok pop up will appear.
    2. Connect to the Tiktok account that you’d like to use in Rivery.
    3. Click on "Save" in order to add the account to Rivery.

  • If nothing happens after clicking the "Connect to Tiktok" button, your browser may have blocked the pop up:
    • On the right side of your browser by the URL, there is maybe a button stating "Pop-up blocked":
    • pop_up_blocked

    • Click on the button and select "always allow popups from Rivery".
    • Click on the “Connect to Tiktok” button again and a pop up to connect to Tiktok will show up on your screen.

Click on "Test connection". 

If the connection is successful, you are ready to work with this connection in Rivery.

Troubleshoot Permissions

In case you get after running a river a permission error, please check you enabled the required permission in Rivery's TikTok connection log-in screen.

Use Case:

Missing /ad/get permission.

Solution: enable the read ads in your Rivery's TikTok connection.

In the ads management menu, we need to read campaigns, read adgroups and read ads to read your ads attribution data:

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