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Create River

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Before we dive into building your first data pipeline, let's review some fundamental Rivery concepts.

In Rivery, a Data Pipeline is referred to as a River.

Rivers are the primary building blocks in Rivery, and there are 3 types of Rivers:

  • Source to Target Rivers
  • Logic Rivers
  • Action Rivers

Source to Target Rivers

Source to Target Rivers are used to build simple data pipelines that take data from a Source and push it to a Target destination.
Rivery simplifies the process by automatically recognizing the structure of incoming data and creating target tables and columns as needed.

Rivery supports over 180 different Sources and Targets, including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Oracle, as well as all of the popular data warehouses.


Logic Rivers

Logic Rivers are so-called because a logical data model defines the structure of data elements as well as the relationships between the Rivers.

Logic Rivers are used for data transformations and workflow orchestration, and they can contain other Rivers within them.

For data transformations, you can use SQL for in-warehouse transformations or Python for more complex scenarios.

Rivery's Orchestration supports branching, multi-step processes, conditional logic, loops, and more, making it simple to create complex workflows.


Action Rivers

Action Rivers make it simple to connect to any REST API as a data source, custom data ingestion, or data target.

For example, you could use an Action River to pull data from a custom API endpoint or to push data into a CRM such as Hubspot.


Now that you're familiar with the Rivery terminology, you're ready to create your very first River.

Creating Your Very First River

When you sign in for the first time after you've created a new Rivery Account, you are taken through the Onboarding process to familiarize yourself with the console.

By clicking the 'Create your first data pipeline' button, you will be taken to a quick wizard that will teach you how to create a simple Source to Target River.


This is a console tour for creating your very first River. Please hover over the rippling dots and read the notes attached to follow through.

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