Docebo Connection
  • 09 Nov 2020
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Docebo Connection

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This guide will walk you through the steps for setting up the Docebo connector in Rivery.

Creating a Docebo connection


When you create an application in Docebo you have the Client ID, Client Secret, and URL domain for the connection setup in Rivery.

  • A Client ID generated for the API by Docebo.
  • A Client Secret generated for the API by Docebo.
  • The Username and Password you log in with to Docebo.
  • The URL domain of your Docebo account.
  • Set the following scopes: Authorization code + Implicit Grant, Resource Owner Password Credentials, and Client Credentials.

To set the connection all you need is the Client ID and Client Secret, which you can access in Docebo's settings. When logged into your account, go to your Account Settings. You should see your Client ID and Client Secret at the bottom of the page under “Stats API Credentials”. 

 1. In your  Rivery Account, go to  Connections

 2. Press on  +Create New Connection

 3. Choose Docebo

 4. Fill a suitable name under Connection Name and insert the connection details

        Client ID- Editable in Docebo's application

        Client Secret- generated by Docebo's application

        Your Username and Password when you log in to Docebo

        The URL domain of your application

 5. Click Save and create the connection

 6. Run the Test Connection method. If the connection passed, you are ready to work with this connection in Rivery.

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