2024-01 Facebook Ads - Marketing API Upgrade v18
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2024-01 Facebook Ads - Marketing API Upgrade v18

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This document outlines the technical changes introduced in the upgrade to Facebook Marketing API Version 18 for Rivery's Facebook Ads connector. The changes primarily affect the Insights Report, with the removal of specific columns.
Effective Date: Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Modifications to Columns Within the Existing Reports

The following columns are deprecated and will be removed from the Insights Report:

  • Quality Ranking

  • Conversion Rate Ranking

  • Engagement Rate Ranking.

What Actions Should You Take?

With this upgrade, deprecated columns in the Insights Report will be retrieved with null values in the existing report's data. To maintain data consistency and remove these columns from the Target table, follow the steps below:

  1. Schema Mapping:
  • Access the River's 'Source' tab.
  • Locate the 'Report Columns' field in the schema mapping.
  1. Remove Deprecated Columns:

    Remove the following columns from the 'Report Columns' field:

    • quality_ranking
    • conversion_rate_ranking
    • engagement_rate_ranking

  2. Validation:

Ensure that the schema mapping is updated and aligned with the latest changes.

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