February 2022 Release Notes
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February 2022 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


  • MySQL Change Data Capture (CDC): CDC is a fast and effective method of continuously retrieving data from databases based on the database transaction log.
    This is Version 2 of the integration, which is new and updated. Version 1 will be deprecated in the near future.

  • Yandex allows you to manage ad campaigns, automate routine tasks, create your own bid management algorithms, and download statistics.


  • Python makes data manipulation simple and quick.
    This feature is part of the Logic River capabilities. Users can now execute Python scripts directly in their Rivery data pipelines and workflows.

  • Introducing Rivery's DataFrames solution which provides a user-friendly approach to manipulating data and transferring data between your warehouse and Python scripts. Using DataFrames users now can make use of the immense potential of machine learning and other Python-based data techniques.

  • SQL Query Result Preview is now available for Snowflake Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery.

  • Activity Logs - Now you have the ability to download Twitter Ads, HubSpot, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Source to Target logs for troubleshooting and analysis.

  • Create a New River section has been updated:

    • You can get to it from the sidebar by clicking Create, or from the Rivers page by selecting New River.

    • Kits are now available on this new page as well as in the sidebar.

  • Help and What's New sections of the sidebar menu have been updated:

    • We've introduced a new Help menu (in place of the former 'Support'), which has three sections:
      1. Go to the documentation section.
      2. Book a meeting with the solutions team.
      3. Submit a support ticket.
    • The new What's New button now has a bouncy red icon that takes you to a board with the most recent updates.
      In addition, the What's New widget now has a 'Subscribe to Email Updates' option.

Integrations Updates:

  • Bing Ads - According to Bing Ads, starting March 1st, 2022, all users will be required to use multi-factor authentication. Existing Bing Ads connections in Rivery must be modified as a result of this change.

  • Hibob Now provides API access via two authentication methods:

    • API Service (Client ID + Token).
    • Rest API (Token).
  • Hubspot:

    • Due to the scheduled deprecation of an existing scope at Hubspot, the authentication scopes were modified. Users have been notified via email that they must re-authenticate their connection in order for us to use the updated scopes.
    • New report is available - Recent Engagements
  • Gmail - Now supports the DD/MM/YYYY timestamp format.

  • Google Sheets - Loading of shared files is supported.

  • Jira - The description content field is now available as a JSON for Issues report.

  • Adroll - There are numerous modifications for existing common Adroll reports as part of the Adroll API upgrade.

  • Zendesk Chat now includes Predefined Reports and a new Custom report called 'Users Identities'.

  • Genesys has 2 new reports called 'Conversations Sessions Metrics' and 'Evaluations Aggregate'.

  • Twitter, AppsFlyer and Klaviyo now have Predefined Reports.

  • Salesforce has been optimized for incremental loading to avoid timeouts.

Kits ⭐

  • TikTok - Redshift Kit - This new Kit combines data from multiple entities in the TikTok Marketing API and provides a full data model for tracking paid TikTok performance and insight analysis.
  • Hubspot Object Updates - BigQuery Kit - This new Kit ingests entity data into the data warehouse and uses Hubspot's API to update objects in Hubspot with additional information retrieved from the data warehouse.

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