February 2023 Release Notes
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February 2023 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


  • New API Documentation has been released, which includes an upgraded Activities API, a superior version of the Run River API and other new endpoints and enhancements.
    This documentation is presently undergoing migration.
    We recommend checking the new API for any other new endpoints.
    Once the migration is complete, the 'Current API documentation' will be deprecated.
  • The New Version of Activities is now available, offering a more extensive and intuitive way to oversee the execution of your Rivers. This update allows you to obtain in-depth insights into each activity, such as its start and end time, as well as its overall statistics.

Targets Updates

  • Snowflake has an upgraded Reserved Words function that offers enhanced versatility to users. To avoid ambiguity when naming tables or columns that share the same name as reserved words, users can now enclose the name in double quotes to signify it as a unique identifier rather than a reserved word.

  • Snowflake Now Supports Escape Characters - enabling special characters in strings to be interpreted as literal characters, rather than as control characters. In SQL, escape characters are used to change the behavior of certain characters, such as the single quote ('), the double quote ("), the backslash (\), etc.

  • Custom Partitions in Amazon S3 as a Target - Now you have the ability to customize the path granularity and select specific partitions to optimize the performance of your Rivers during data loading.
    The Custom Partitioning feature is currently limited to the Sources listed in the documentation, but we're actively working on expanding this feature to include more Sources in the near future.

Sources Updates:

  • CDC - To enhance the management of transactions emitted from the Source database and their propagation into Targets, we have implemented a sequence ID for transaction ordering in CDC.
    This improvement has been applied to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Appstore Connect-Apps Analytics: The 'Analytics' report has been enhanced with the addition of purchase date filters, which can now be applied in combination with multiple other filters.


  • Tiktok now includes new Sub River Fields called:

    • Advertisers IDs

    • Date Period

    • Source connection

    • Target connection

    • Database Name

    • Schema Target Table


  • SuccessFactors - We have added support for out-of-the-box conversion of String values to Date, Integer, Float, and Boolean data types.

  • Facebook Ads, Facebook Social, and Facebook Audience have been rolled out with the new Graph API version 15.

  • Display & Video 360 API has been updated to version 2.

Kits ⭐

  • Bento Insights - Sales Analytics Platform for SaaS B2B Companies - Give your management team predefined dashboards that track all the KPIs needed for growth.

    Analyze your sales funnel by geography, team, and employee to manage the entire cycle. Track your pipeline and lead conversion/win rates with cohort analysis.

    Bento is an analytics platform for SaaS B2B companies, connecting all business areas from Marketing to Sales to Product to Support. It includes predefined dashboards, ready-to-use ELTs, and data models.

  • Rivery Consumption to Snowflake - The Rivery consumption kit is a tool designed to help users track and analyze their usage of Rivery, an API-based data integration platform. By pulling data directly from the Rivery API, the Kit provides a detailed overview of how many RPU have been used within a specified time frame.

  • Rivery Consumption to BigQuery - The Rivery Consumption Kit, which tracks the usage of Rivery, allows users to monitor and analyze their RPU usage. By obtaining data directly from the Rivery API, the kit provides a comprehensive overview of the number of RPUs consumed during a specified period.


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