February 2024 Release Notes
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February 2024 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀

Sources Updates

  • Oracle now includes support for RAC (Real Application Clusters) - We extended the support for Oracle's CDB-PDB architecture by providing compatibility with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Oracle RAC allows multiple instances to access a single database simultaneously, providing high availability, scalability, and workload balancing.

  • Bing Ads - now include additional columns in the Ad Group Performance and User Location Performance External reports, bringing them in line with the latest offerings available through the Bing Ads API.

  • "Update incremental date range also on failures" - Enhanced handling of incremental date ranges during failed River runs.
    In case of an unsuccessful River run, the Start Date will not be updated. This change affects the incremental loading behavior for designated Sources. For newly created Rivers, the default action will be to update the Start Date exclusively upon successful loading.
    Users have the option to override this default behavior by accessing 'More Options' and enabling the feature to adjust the start date despite failed River runs (not recommended).
    This update has been implemented for the specified Sources:

    • Active Campaigns
    • Adjust
    • Adroll
    • Adaptive Planning
    • Amplitude
    • App store connect - sales
    • Bluesnap
    • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
    • Freshservice
    • Genesys
    • Greenhouse
    • Hibob
    • Impact Radius
    • Marketo
    • Mobileaction
    • Netsuite Analytics
    • Outbrain
    • Paypal Reports
    • Recharge
    • Search Ads 360
    • Sprinklr
    • Surveymonkey
    • Zendesk Chat


  • Shopify - has been enhanced to support API version 2024-01.

  • Google Ads - Google Ads has been updated to Version 15.

Kits ⭐

  • Databricks Job Trigger - This Kit serves as a template for scheduling and initiating a job within Databricks through Rivery’s Action rivers. With this kit, configuring the trigger and status checks becomes effortless, while also offering various customization possibilities utilizing Databricks Jobs.


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