Google Ad Manager Predefined Reports
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Google Ad Manager Predefined Reports

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Predefined Reports

The Google Ad Manager datasource in Rivery comes with the below predefined reports. Each report will have a short description of the data, a list of customizable fields (if any), and the schema mapping. Due to the standardized nature of these reports, there are a number of locked fields that will only be accessible through the custom reporting functionality.

Source-Level Selections

Google Ad Manager's one source-level selection is a Network filter. Choosing distinct values will filter down each report within the river to only the selected networks' data.


The Entity report pulls Line Item data which is an advertiser's commitment to purchase a specific number of ad impressions, clicks, or time. The user can only customize the type of incremental load associated with this report.

Field Data Type Dimension/Metric
id system schema Integer Dimension
costtype String Dimension
deliveryratetype String Dimension
enddatetime String Dimension
externalid String Dimension
creationdatetime String Dimension
ismissingcreatives String Dimension
issettopboxenabled String Dimension
lastmodifieddatetime String Dimension
lineitemtype String Dimension
name String Dimension
orderid Integer Dimension
startdatetime String Dimension
status String Dimension
targeting String Dimension
unitsbought Integer Metric

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