January 2022 Release Notes
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January 2022 Release Notes

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What's New?🚀


  • Hibob assists businesses in simplifying their HR operations while enhancing employee retention, and cooperation.

  • NIUM integrates all of the world's payment infrastructure into a single API. With NIUM, you can integrate worldwide payment services for Pay Out, Pay In, and Card Issuance.

  • Pendo is a data analytics platform that helps software firms create customer-friendly solutions.

  • MariaDB turns data into structured information that may be used in a variety of applications ranging from banking to websites. MariaDB is used because it is fast, scalable, and robust, and it has a rich ecosystem of storage engines, plugins, and other features that make it extremely customizable for a wide range of use cases.


  • Predefined Reports are a new and easy option when creating Source to Target rivers with our most popular API-based data sources. Predefined reports are available for the majority of our data sources, simply select the reports and schema with a few clicks, and you're done.

  • Microsoft SQL Server:

    1. 'rowversion' Incremental Field is now supported by Microsoft SQL Server. Row Version is commonly used to version-stamp table rows.
    2. 'Hard Delete' option is now available in Microsoft SQL Server Change Tracking with Snowflake target rivers. This option allows you to keep track of data that has been deleted from a source table.
  • BigQuery Default Filezone - We've simplified the BigQuery as a target connection method so that users may now load data into BigQuery using Rivery's service account and buckets rather than creating and defining your own filezone. This is the default approach from now on, while users can still use their own custom filezone.

  • Logic river - improved usability related to managing variables and reordering a Logic river steps.

  • RPU data is now available on the Dashboard, allowing for better visibility and analysis of RPU use.

  • New Subscription & Billing page available for Admin users to view and manage the subscription details.

  • Activity Logs - Now you have the ability to download Salesforce, MongoDB, Zendesk, Tiktok, LinkedIn Social, Pinterest, Jira, Youtube, GoogleAds, and Google Sheets logs for troubleshooting and analysis.

Integrations Updates:

  • Rivery's IP Whitelist has been updated. These IPs are used to grant network access only to specific IP addresses for security purposes. Some of our integrations require whitelisting Rivery’s IP addresses for Rivery to access them.
  • Gmail as a source and MongoDB support the "Last Days Back" option - You may now use the 'Last Days Back' For Each Run option to gather data from a given number of days before the start date.
  • Google Sheet Supports Shared files loading - Now you can load any shared files from your drive.
  • Google Sheets allows you to replace headers with foreign characters (Hebrew, French, etc.) and special characters (!@#%$, etc.) all at once.
  • Netsuite RESTlets:
    1. A nested incremental field, loginAuditTrail.date, was added.
    2. Support for other time formats for incremental chunkings.
  • HTTP certificate - The ability to allow API requests without verifying the HTTP certificate has been added to Rest Action River.
  • REST River Mapping allows you to adjust record numbers during the mapping stage.
  • Hubspot:
    1. Contacts is now incremental by 'Created Date' and 'Updated Date' reports to Predefined Reports.
    2. Marketing Emails Report.
  • Stripe - New 'Issuing Cards' report.
  • Freshservice - New 'Departments' report.
  • LinkedIn Social As part of the "get share statistics report", a UGC Posts filter has been added.
  • Bing - new 'Geo Locations' report .
  • Tiktok Auction Ads report now includes metrics and dimensions for 'Audience' data level.
  • Doubleclick API upgraded to version 3.5
  • Facebook Ads API upgraded to version 12
  • Twitter Ads API upgraded to version 10
  • Adaptive Insights API upgraded to version 22



  • Bing Ads - BigQuery Kit - This Kit provides a full data model for tracking paid Bing ad and campaign performances and insightful analyses.

  • Jira Changelog - Firebolt Kit - This Kit pulls data from multiple JIRA entities and creates a historical changelog for all JIRA issues and an issue table with custom field names as the actual column names.

  • Slowly Changing Dimension - Snowflake - This Kit implements type 4 SCD management methodology to track dimension changes for multiple tables by creating new historical tables.


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