January 2024 Release Notes
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January 2024 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀

Sources Updates

  • Oracle - Now supports Multitenant Database architecture, enhancing scalability and flexibility.
    A Multitenant architecture operates on the principle of utilizing a Container Database (CDB) capable of accommodating numerous Pluggable Databases (PDBs) within a unified infrastructure. The CDB holds shared resources, whereas each PDB serves as an individual, segregated database within the collective container.


  • BigQery as a Source Connection - Now include support for additional regions. This enhancement enables users to leverage BigQuery data from a broader range of geographic locations. However, it's important to highlight that while many tables are now accessible, some may still be missing from the mapping. This occurrence is due to BigQuery's requirement for users to specify the location of each table explicitly.


  • Monday - Upgraded to the latest API version (2024-01), necessitating certain actions to leverage newly added columns or update existing Rivers to remove outdated columns. The Monday Kit has been comprehensively updated to incorporate all necessary changes.

  • Instagram Social - Upgraded to the latest Graph v18 API version, ensuring seamless integration by eliminating all deprecated fields and metrics.

  • Facebook Ads - Marketing API - Upgraded to v18, enabling access to the latest features and functionalities.

  • Google Ad Manager - Upgraded to v202311, ensuring compatibility and optimization with the latest Google Ad Manager features.

  • Criteo - Updated to its latest version (2023-10), offering improved features and performance.

  • Google Search Console API- Enhanced to support the "Type" query parameter, replacing the deprecated "Searchtype" parameter to align with Google's updates.
    Users can now filter results based on the following types:

    • Discover
    • Google News
    • News
    • Image
    • Video
    • Web

    Please note that while this update is reflected in the logs, it remains invisible in the user interface as it's implemented by Google's systems.

Target Updates

Amazon S3 as a Target- Custom partition granularity path has been updated to support SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL databases, providing greater flexibility and compatibility with various data sources.


Kits ⭐

Activities Kits

We have implemented updates and enhancements across all Activities kits, utilizing our Activities API to facilitate the extraction of usage data into Data Warehouse (DWH) targets. These updates include the integration of action-looping capabilities for generating run-level data in the output. Prior to this enhancement, the kits were limited to providing river-level statistics as output, as they were developed before the action-looping feature was introduced.

Specifically, the following kits have been revised to support run-level output within the US console:

Sharepoint Kits

Our Sharepoint kit has been optimized to utilize the Graph API for establishing connections, retrieving Excel files, and loading content into designated Target sources, such as Sharepoint Excel File Load to Snowflake and Sharepoint Excel File Load to Databricks.

This Sharepoint kit comprises:

  • A multi-action river designed to authenticate with the Graph API and retrieve Excel file data.
  • A Source to Target river facilitating the seamless transfer of data to Databricks.
  • A Logic river leveraging Python scripting to assist in the retrieval of Drive ID and Item ID for Sharepoint Excel File Load to Snowflake and Sharepoint Excel File Load to Databricks workflows.


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