May 2022 Release Notes
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May 2022 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


  • Teradata is a database management system for building large-scale data warehousing applications. This tool allows you to run numerous data warehouse activities at the same time.

  • Cellxpert gives you the ability to keep track of, manage, and regulate your partnerships. This transparency-based solution centralizes all aspects of your partner ecosystem, allowing you to concentrate on optimization.


  • New Pricing that is predictable and scales as your business grows. We charge you based on actual usage, not number of rows, allowing you to scale in a flexible and transparent way.
    Please refer to our documentation for more information and examples.

  • Logic River's Python option now has a "Upgrade" badge for users who do not have Python.
    When you click on it, a modal will appear, with an upgrade plan option that will take you to the pricing page if you're on the starter plan.
    If you're using a trial account where Python isn't enabled, you'll see a modal with a contact form.

Sources Updates:

  • Microsoft SQL Server now has a new connection method that uses Azure Active Directory authentication.
  • Klaviyo has a new report available called 'Subscription Order'.
  • Stripe now includes a new report called 'Connected Accounts'.

Kits ⭐

  • Job Trigger for dbt Cloud™ Kit is a template for scheduling and triggering a job to run in dbt Cloud using Rivery’s Logic and Action rivers. This kit makes it easy to set up the trigger and allows for a number of different customization options using the dbt Cloud API.
  • Salesforce Create Objects - Snowflake Kit uses Salesforce’s internal REST API to create object records within the tool based on data that is pulled from the connected Snowflake data warehouse.
  • Salesforce Update Objects - Snowflake Kit updates object records within the tool using Salesforce's internal REST API based on data pulled from the connected Snowflake data warehouse.

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