October 2022 Release Notes
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October 2022 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


New and Improved Navigation Bar - The interface has been updated to make Rivery management faster and easier than ever.
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Snowflake Key-Pair - Snowflake supports key-Pair authentication as an alternative to basic authentication (i.e. username and password) for increased authentication security.

Sources Updates:

  • Microsoft SQL Server now supports converting VARBINARY values to their hex string representation.
    This option is available in the source tab's 'advanced options'.
  • Google Ads 'Geographic Performance' predefined reports now include the following new fields:
    • segments.geo_target_city
    • segments.geo_target_region.
  • Google Ads also supports a new resource called Audience.
  • Cellxpert's 'Affiliate Login Report' now supports large payloads and chunking.
  • Docebo now includes a new report called 'New Reports'.
  • Snapchat's 'Ad Stats' report now includes a 'Conversion Source Type' filter.
  • Jira offers 2 brand-new reports titled 'Sprint', 'Work Logs'.
  • Adjust's 'Events' report now includes a 'Conversion Type' filter.
  • Twitter Ads API V10 has been upgraded to V11.
  • MobileAction's 'Category Ranking' report now supports switching between iOS versions.
  • Bing Ads now includes a new report called 'Age Gender Audience'.

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