River Types
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River Types

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In Rivery, a River is the term used to describe an execution. There are three different types of rivers:

  • Data Source to Target
  • Logic
  • Action

Source to Target Rivers

A Data Source to Target river enables you to connect to any of Rivery's native data connectors and load data into a cloud target.

For an overview of a Data Source to Target river, see Data Source to Target Overview .

Logic Rivers

A Logic river allows for orchestration of your data pipeline as well as in-database transformations via a series of logical steps.

Some common use cases for logic rivers are:

  • Building data dependencies
  • Prepping data for a BI/dashboarding tool
  • Blending data from multiple sources
  • Handling unstructured data types
  • Adhering to data warehousing best practices (operational data store, staging layer, reporting layer)

For a walkthrough of logic rivers and their functionality, see Logic River Overview .

Action Rivers

An Action river provides a REST template for connection to any public API on the web. This is a user-friendly option for connecting to APIs that Rivery does not yet support natively.

If you would like an new Rivery connection built into the tool, contact contact@rivery.io to inquire about our API On-demand program!

For a walkthrough of Action rivers, check out Action Rivers .

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