Working with Rivery Support
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Working with Rivery Support

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Welcome to the Rivery Support Case Management Guide. This document outlines the best practices for effectively working with Rivery's support team to resolve any issues, questions, or requests you may have.
Whether you've encountered a bug, need assistance with a feature, want to propose a new feature, or require account-related changes, this guide will help you navigate the support process seamlessly.

Understanding Support Cases

A support case encompasses various situations that you, as a valued Rivery customer, might encounter:

  • Identifying a bug in our products or features.
  • Requesting consideration for a new feature.
  • Seeking guidance on using our products or features.
  • Requiring modifications to your account, such as changing the account owner.

These scenarios, along with others, serve as the foundation for support case topics.

Opening a Support Case

Prior to opening a support case, please ensure you consult our Knowledge Base for any known issues relevant to your inquiry.

Initiating a support case is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Rivery console.

  2. Access the "Help" button in the console's left side-bar.

  3. Click on 'Contact Support':

  4. Complete the resulting form:

  5. Click "Submit Form".

You will receive an email confirming your case submission. Subsequent communication regarding the case will occur via email.

Severity Levels and Their Definitions

Upon opening a support case, selecting a severity level is crucial. This helps us prioritize and understand the impact of the reported issue. We offer four severity levels, applicable to production-level support:

  • Sev1: Critical - Major system downtime or substantial service loss.
  • Sev2: Less Critical - Severe functionality impairment.
  • Sev3: Non Critical - Potential issues with non-critical components.
  • Sev4: General - Inquiries about the product, billing, etc. (default for tickets via email)

Please note that tickets created via email default to a severity of General (Sev4). To assign a higher severity, use the Support Form in the Rivery Console.

Support Case Process Overview

Once you open a support case, our goal is to facilitate a smooth experience. Here's an overview of the process:

  • Cases are directly assigned to Rivery support engineers.
  • The relevant support engineer receives notification and engages based on severity and situation.
  • Support interactions occur through the case or appropriate communication channels.

Following Up on Your Support Case

To provide updates or respond to our team's inquiries, reply to the email receipts from our system. This keeps the conversation streamlined and ensures your case progresses effectively.

For any further questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team through the Rivery Console.

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