September 2022 Release Notes
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September 2022 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


  • Databricks as a Target now has new Upsert-Merge loading mode called Merge that can be used in Source to Target and Logic Rivers.
  • Amazon Athena is currently in beta. It is only available in Logic Rivers and now supports the Append-Only loading mode.
  • In CDC Sources, users can now choose between Merge and Append-Only loading modes.
  • Rivery Metadata is now accessible to all users via RDBMS and MongoDB.
  • You can now specify the Chunk Size for each table in Table Settings for any RDBMS when using Multi-Tables River mode.
  • Logs for Bing Ads, Shopify, Kochava, Stripe, and SFTP are now available.

Sources Updates:

  • Microsoft Outlook Email Connection is now supported using Oauth2.
  • SQL Server CDC Version 2 is now available. By default, newly created Rivers will be set to V2.
  • TikTok's 'Auction Ads Report' now includes a new metric - 'On_web_add_to_wishlist'.
  • MobileAction offers a brand-new report titled - 'Category Ranking'.
  • Cellxpert now includes a new report called 'Affiliate Login Log Data'.

Kits ⭐

Microsoft Teams Alerts Kit - This Kit provides a dynamic, easily customizable template for configuring custom notifications to MS Teams Channels. This can be used to enable a variety of use cases relevant to your organization. Alerts when items are purchased, new trial accounts are created, feedback is received, commits are made to a repository, and much more!

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