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Article Summary


Rivery connects to your source, receives data, and writes it to your destination.
We offer customers with the option of using their own intermediate storage before writing to the specified destination (Custom File Storage), ensuring that no data is saved on a vendor's servers.

Types of Sources


The data provided by your company's software services can offer greater insight than what is available on their internal dashboards. Many of these services include APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that can be used to access or extract data from them through a secure internet connection. Riverys creates connections to various applications and then gathers the delta of changes from them at a cadence set by the customers.


Customers can extract data from databases and move it to a Data Warehouse. Rivery can connect to both on-premise and cloud databases, and clients can use Whitelisted IPs and SSH Tunnels to secure the connection.

Our Incremental Data Capture method is dependable, secure, and cost effective thanks to our exclusive Change Data Capture functionality method for databases.


Rivery's solution allows to collect data via a webhook. A webhook is an HTTP callback that is triggered by a user-defined event on your website or in your application. A webhook allows you to send real-time HTTP notifications from one application to another when an event that you define occurs. At a webhook URL, JSON elements are received as HTTP POST requests.


Rivery offers the ability to sync files from On-Premise and Cloud storage sources.

Rest API

Users can connect to any API Endpoint that includes an authentication flow.
Data from an Action River can be loaded into a target table in your cloud database using Rest API.

Stages of Release

We release connectors (Sources and Targets) in a staged manner to ensure we deliver the highest quality experience to our users. Below, we have detailed what users can anticipate at each stage of the release:

BetaThe Beta Stage in Rivery is characterized by a controlled release where the connector is live but might have a limited set of its total capabilities. The primary objective during the Beta stage is to test the connector in a range of uncommon and complex scenarios (edge cases) to ensure stability and readiness for a wider release.
AlphaThe Alpha Stage of Rivery's release lifecycle is designated for connectors that are at a preliminary stage of development and are primarily undergoing a testing phase. Users who are interested can manually request access.
Coming SoonThe Coming Soon Stage denotes a preliminary stage in the development of Rivery's product, indicating that the connectors in this stage have been officially added to Rivery’s short term roadmap. Users may request early access when it becomes available.
SunsetThe Sunset Stage at Rivery is initiated when a connector is phased out following the announcement by the data source vendor that the service has reached its end of life stage.