Adtelligent (Verta Media) Walkthrough
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Adtelligent (Verta Media) Walkthrough

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Pull data from Verta Media in Rivery

Rivery allows users to build reports from Verta Media in the same fashion as the reporting system in the Verta Media platform.

  1. Select the report in the list of reports. The selected report will actually be the first dimension in the report.
  2. If required - select cross reports in the list of cross reports. Any selected cross reports will be an additional dimension in the report. 

Example: In this example, we have created a campaign report, crossed with Country and Source. The results will, therefore, contain Campaign and Country as dimensions.


Important: There are some reports that might be very large and might cause an error when trying to create the report, especially when selecting with other crossed reports. 

In this case, reduce the number of the selected crossed reports 

3. Fields - select any field to add to your report.

    The default fields in the report are the ones in the initial list in this input. Leaving this input empty will create a report with the default fields. 

4. Select the time period of the report

    1. Insert any start date 

    2. Insert any end date - leave the end date empty in order to run the report until the moment the river runs.

    3. Days back - use this input to tell Rivery to pull data from a given number of days back before the given start date. 

5. Timezone - Select the timezone of the report. Leave this input empty in order to use the same timezone of the given Verta account.

6. Time resolution - Select the time resolution of the report.

    This input is available only if you do not select the “date” report. 


If selecting ‘daily’ and the selected time period is 1.1.17-10.1.17, the results will contain data for the selected dimensions and for each day in that time period. Each record in the results will have the columns start_date and end_date which will show the resolution of the record. 

Note: The weekly and monthly time resolutions are calendar weeks and months.

7. Filter the results according to Environment, User agent, Operating system, and Ad format. Click on each input in order to see the available values for this filter. 

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