Delta Projects Walkthrough
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Delta Projects Walkthrough

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Delta Projects reports

There are two types of reports available in Delta Projects:

  • time-dependent reports - e.g. Activity Statistics, Media Plan Statistics, Media Plan, and Order Types statistics.
  • time-independent reports - e.g. Media Agency, Client, Activity Statistics with complete flight-time.

Time-Dependent Reports

The time-dependent report include Campaigns, Email templates, and Events.

Select a time period:

Time-dependent reports support two kinds of time-period:

  1. Date Range -
    • Pulls data in the date range between the start and end date provided, including the end date.
    • You must select a start date.
    • Leaving the end date empty will pull data according to the current time of the river's run.
    • Select a timezone offset to send dates considering the offset.
    • Use the "Last Days Back For Each Run" to expend the start date and pull data a given number of days back before the chosen start date.

In the example above the river will run with a date range between "01/03/2020" and "30/03/2020".

  1. Predefined date - A date range defined by Rivery:
    • Day - Yesterday.
    • Week (From Monday to Sunday) - Week to date, Previous week, Previous week to date.
    • Month - Month to date, Previous month, Previous month to date.
    • Year - Year to date.

Time Independent reports

The dimensions reports include Media Agency, Client, Activity Statistics with complete flight-time, etc.

Special case: 

The report: Activity Statistics with complete flight-time is actually a special case of Activity Statistics which returns the full-time interval of each activity statistics, i.e., according to its default flight-time.

API recommendation

It is advised to use the fetch input when leaving the lowest level/s empty in the following reports:

Client, Activity, Bidding Plan, and Creative.

E.g. of a typical use case: Use the report: Media Agency with fetch: Clients, instead of the report: Client when you need all clients.

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