Docebo Walkthrough
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Docebo Walkthrough

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Docebo reports

The reports in Docebo are grouped into several endpoints: Reports, Users, and Courses. 

Some reports have a time dependency where an interval of time needs to be specified.

All the time-dependent reports can be set using Rivery's built-in time functionalities.

Time-Dependent Reports

The time-dependent report include Widgets, Sub Id Stats, etc.

Select a time period:

Time-dependent reports support two kinds of time-period:

  1. Date Range -
    • Pulls data in the date range between the start and end date provided, including the end date.
    • You must select a Start date.
    • The Start Date won't be advanced if a River run is unsuccessful.

      If you don't want this default setting, click More Options and check the box to advance the start date even if the River run is unsuccessful (Not recommended).

    • Leaving the End date empty will pull data according to the current time of the river's run.
    • Select a timezone offset to send dates considering the offset.
    • Use the "Last Days Back For Each Run" to expend the start date and pull data a given number of days back before the chosen start date.

In the example above the river will run with a date range between "01/03/2020" and "30/03/2020".

  1. Predefined date - A date range defined by Rivery:
    • Day - Yesterday.
    • Week (From Monday to Sunday) - Week to date, Previous week, Previous week to date.
    • Month - Month to date, Previous month, Previous month to date.
    • Year - Year to date.

Use cases:

1. In a general course-related report the courses are taken according to the updated time.

2. In the Course Stats report, both the courses and the metrics from each course are taken according to the same time interval. That is why it is advised to select the courses before running the river (Elaborate: if you do not select the courses beforehand, the courses found in your time interval will be the ones also taken for metrics extraction).

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