Marketo Walkthrough
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Marketo Walkthrough

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A Guide for getting data from Marketo to Rivery.

How to pull data from Marketo using Rivery

First, select 'Create New River ' from the top right of the Rivery screen.


Choose 'Data Source to Target' as your river type.

In the 'General Info' tab, name your river, describe it, and choose a group.
Next, navigate to the 'Source' tab.

Find Marketo in the list of data sources and select it. (under CRM)

Under Source Connection, select the connection you created, or create a new one.

Next, Select a type of report. Each report has its own related inputs.

If the desired report requires an input of time range:

Select the start date and end date.
Leave the end date empty in to pull data until the moment the river runs.
After each run of the river, the start date will be updated automatically with the end date, and the end date will be updated with the empty value. This enables the next run to pull data from the end of the previous run.

Bulk Extract Endpoints

The Marketo river provides interfaces for retrieval of large sets of person and person related data, called Bulk Extract.  Currently, interfaces are offered for three object types: 


  • Max Concurrent Export Jobs: 2
  • Max Queued Export Jobs (inclusive of currently exporting jobs): 10
  • File Retention Period: 10 days
  • Default Daily Export Allocation: 500MB (which resets daily at 12:00AM CST).  Increases available for purchase.
  • Max Time Span for Date Range Filter (createdAt or updatedAt): 31 days


The maximimum number of jobs in the queue is 10.  If you try to enqueue a job when the queue is full, 

the Enqueue Export Job endpoint will return an error “1029, Too many jobs in queue”.  A maximum of 2 jobs can run concurrently (status is “Processing”).

File Size

The bulk extract APIs are metered based on the size-on-disk of the data retrieved by a bulk extract job.  The explicit size in bytes for a job can be determined by reading the fileSize attribute from the completed status response of an export job.

The daily quota is a maximum of 500MB per day, which is shared between leads and activities.  When the quota is exceeded, you cannot Create or Enqueue another job until the daily quota resets at midnight Central Time.  Until that time, an error “1029, Export daily quota exceeded” is returned.  Aside from the daily quota, there is no maximum file size.

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