MySQL Walkthrough
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MySQL Walkthrough

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This document aims to guide users through the process of creating a MySQL instance, and performing basic database operations.

How to Work with MySQL?

Step 1: Establish a Connection

Make sure you possess appropriate credentials for establishing a connection with a MySQL database server.

Step 2: Choose the River Mode

Once you have successfully established a connection to MySQL, select the River mode to load data into a Target. There are 3 available options for you to choose from:

Please Note:

By clicking on the highlighted modes below, you will be taken to a relevant page that offers a comprehensive explanation and presents a Product Tour example showcasing the available features in MySQL.

  • Multi-Tables : Simultaneously load multiple tables from MySQL to your desired Target.
    • Standard Extraction - This River mode maps, transforms, and loads data from multiple tables into a unified schema. It uses SQL queries for transformations and can be scheduled or manually triggered.
    • Change Data Capture (CDC) - This mode monitors Source database logs, capturing and transforming changes in real-time. This ensures minimal data loss and low latency transfer when loading the transformed data into the target database, keeping it in sync with the Source.
  • Custom Query : Create a customized query and import it into your designated Target.
  • Legacy River: Select a sole Source table for loading into a Target.


Step 3: Run the River

Once you have successfully configured the River mode, selected the extraction method, and set up the scheduling, you are now ready to initiate the River and start its operation.

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