Sage Intacct Walkthrough
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Sage Intacct Walkthrough

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A Guide for getting data from Intacct to Rivery.

How to pull data from Intacct using Rivery

First, select 'Create New River' from the top right of the Rivery screen.

Choose 'Data Source to Target' as your river type.

In the 'General Info' tab, name your river, describe it, and choose a group.

Next, navigate to the 'Source' tab.

Find 'Intacct' in the list of data sources and select it.

1. Type in the Intacct resource you want to pull data from.

2. Choose the Extract Method you want to run over. 


Incremental Extract Method

Rivery manages the increment for your rivers, and knows how to fetch an incremental data from the source using the best practices of the source. In Intacct, there are a couple of options to check in order to pull data incrementally:

  Increment Field   - Every resource may run over some fields to base its incremental data pulling. Therefore, when you choose a resource, the Incremental Field list may change accordingly. 

After choosing Incremental Field, the increment type depends on the data type of the chosen field.

1. Incremental field typed as TimeStamp, So there is a need to choose the **Date Range.**     

    When not setting an End Date, Rivery assumes it will be the current date of the run.

    Please define the **Start Date**      in order to run the river. Moreover, Rivery will proceed to the next end date, as the next Start Date, in the next run. 

  * **Interval Chunks -**      Rivery can run over the increment using chunks, in order to make the loading more efficient and more precise. Your options are: 

      * Don't Split -      Rivery will pull the data from the chosen start date to the end date in one bulk.

      * Minutes-      The run will be chunked y minutes from the start to the end date.

     * Hourly-      The run will be chunked hourly from the start to the end date.

      * Daily -      The run will be chunked daily from the start to the end date.

     * Monthly -  The run will be chunked monthly from the start to the end date.

     * Yearly(Less Recommended) -    The run will be chunked yearly from the start to the end date.

2. Incremental field typed as Running Number, which gives the need to choose the Value Range and a filter expression as an option.     

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