Search Ads 360 Walkthrough
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Search Ads 360 Walkthrough

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Beginning June 30th, 2024, Google will discontinue support for the older version of the Search Ads 360 Reporting API and transition to the updated Search Ads 360 Reporting API.


Search Ads 360 provides access to a diverse range of reports customized to fulfill your data analysis requirements.
This document offers an overview of these reports and details on how to utilize them effectively for extracting valuable insights from your Search Ads 360.


Select a specific report to pull data from the Search Ads 360.
The following image provides an overview of the various custom reports:


and here is a table elaborating on each report:

Report NameColumns
CustomerField Mappings Table
Ad Group AdField Mappings Table
Ad GroupField Mappings Table
Ad Group CriterionField Mappings Table
CustomerField Mappings Table
Bidding StrategyField Mappings Table
CampaignField Mappings Table
Campaign CriterionField Mappings Table
ConversionField Mappings Table
AssetField Mappings Table
Conversion ActionField Mappings Table
Shopping Performance ViewField Mappings Table
Product Group ViewField Mappings Table
Cart Data Sales ViewField Mappings Table
Campaign CriterionField Mappings Table
VisitField Mappings Table

Please Note:

  • All reports have filter support, with the filters operating on an AND logic basis.
  • When the data you're fetching is large, especially if you're reaching size or timeout constraints, use Interval Chunks Size for extracting data over extended timeframes.
  • In most reports, the Increment field is typically set as "" However, there are exceptions:
    • Ad Group Criterion:
      • ad_group_criterion.creation_time (default)
      • ad_group_criterion
    • Campaign Criterion:
      • campaign_criterion.last_modified_time
    • Asset:
      • asset.creation_time (default)
      • asset.last_modified_time
    • Conversion Action:
      • conversion_action.creation_time (default)

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