StackAdapt Walkthrough
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StackAdapt Walkthrough

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StackAdapt API version 1 is currently supported

This provides a general description of StackAdapt and its capabilities.


StackAdapt Connection


After configuring the connection, you may now configure the river for the report you require:

  • Under 'create new river', press connect to choose the data source(StackAdapt).
  • after searching for StackAdapt, choose the connection you configured in the previous section, and you may now choose the report needed.

please note, in each report that has an <X ID> field(such as Campaign ID), leaving this field empty will yield reports for all IDs for this resource.

Endpoints used:

Report Endpoint Params
Line items
Conversion trackers
Native ads
Stats mandatory: resource, type. optional: ID, start_date, end_date

Specific limitations

Only the 'stats' report has mandatory fields.
The resource and type fields are always mandatory.
When selecting the 'daily' or 'hourly' types, you must select a date range.
The buyer_account resource is the only resource that doesn't use an ID.

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