October 2023 Release Notes
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October 2023 Release Notes

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What's New? 🚀


  • Bigquery as a Target now includes data type widening - When you change a column's data type in the Source table, the corresponding Target column will adjust to accommodate wider data types by default. You can control this behavior with a toggle in the Additional Options section.

  • Enhancing User Experience and Features Adoption With Education Segments:

    we have implemented a new education segment within relevant areas of the console. This segment is designed to provide users with technical guidance and resources to better understand and utilize the platform's functionalities.

    The education segment is now accessible from the following console pages:

    • Create Logic River
    • Create Action River
    • Source to Target River Pages (using CDC extraction mode)
    • Environments (under the Deployment tab)
    • Kits

    Within these education sements, users can access technical resources, such as How-to guides, Instructional videos, and book a live session with one of our data experts.


Sources Updates

  • SQL Server - a new option has been introduced that enables the retrieval of deleted rows. When using Change Tracking as the extraction mode and using Snowflake or Databricks as the Target," this option allows you to recover deleted records. The key fields of the deleted rows will remain unchanged, while all other fields will be set to NULL. This enhancement provides more flexibility and control in your data extraction process.

  • Mixpanel - now has a new report called "Download Raw Data". With this new report, you can now easily access and download raw data. Designed to accommodate a high volume of Mixpanel events, making the retrieval more convenient than ever.

  • Google Ad Manager has been updated to the Google Ad Manager API version 2023-08, which introduces modifications to the "Create a new report" River mode.

  • Tiktok - New Metrics in "Auction Ads" report:

    • total_landing_page_view
    • cost_per_landing_page_view
    • Landing_page_view_rate

Resolved Issues

  • Download logs from Python step within a loop - We've resolved this issue by fixing the log indexing, guaranteeing that when users download a log, it is now specific to the step within the loop.
  • AWS S3 to Google Cloud Storage - Improving the efficiency and performance of data retrieval from AWS S3 and the uploading process to GCS.
  • Zendesk to Snowflake - We upgraded the pagination method to support cursor-based pagination for the Zendesk incremental ticket export, ensuring complete and accurate data transfer.
  • Appsflyer to Bigquery - We've resolved an issue of null values encountered while retrieving data from the source by deploying a mapping improvement within the API to handle null values for supported reports.
  • ElasticSearch to Snowflake - Enhancing the source code of ElasticSearch and optimizing its indexing capabilities to effectively manage special characters found within column values.

Kits ⭐

  • Github to Snowflake Kit - This Kit leverages the GitHub API to establish a connection and transfer data into your data warehouse.


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